Income Tax Folio S3-F3-C1, Replacement Property

Series 3: Property, Investments and Savings Plans Folio 3: Capital Transactions Chapter 1: Replacement Property Summary Subsections 13(4) and 44(1) permit a taxpayer to elect to defer the recognition of recapture (income) of capital cost allowance (CCA) or capital gains where a property was involuntarily disposed of, or a former business property was voluntarily disposed […]

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IT259R4 – Exchange of Property

NO: IT-259R4 DATE: September 23, 2003 SUBJECT: INCOME TAX ACT Exchange of Property REFERENCE: Section 44 and subsections 13(4), 13(4.1), 14(6) and 14(7) of the Income Tax Act (the Act) (also sections 70 and 128.1, paragraphs 87(2)(l.3), 88(1)(a) and 96(1)(a) and subparagraph 40(1)(a)(iii) and the definition of “proceeds of disposition” in section 54 and subsection 13(21) of the

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