Teaching you is our passion.

That’s the cornerstone of our company.

Since inception, we have helped over 20,000 existing and aspiring CPAs.


We began out as HTKConsulting in 2012. Our goal at the time was to help aspiring CPAs by publishing condensed and to-the-point online notes on the various professional CPA competencies – all free of charge!

Little did we know at the time that HTK Consulting would go on to help over 20,000 existing and aspiring CPAs with professional education and training across Canada. Throughout this time, our team has grown to include highly-qualified and respected instructors: both in the professional and academic realms. Collectively, our instructors have decades of practical experience at highly-respected CPA firms and lectureship roles at leading Canadian universities and CPA Canada. 

We have met and heard from so many of you. And after listening to your encouraging feedback – on how we helped you accomplish your professional and academic goals – we are committed to continue building on our passion and success. This is what ignites us.

In 2018, we rebranded our company to HTKAcademy to better align with our mission. We have many things in store for you: up-to-date articles, building on our signature notes, live seminars, online courses, and online webinars.

We hope to continue to be a part of your professional development process and look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming seminars.

HTKAcademy at a glance.

Founded in 2012 as HTKConsulting.com

Served over 20,000+ CPAs and Aspiring CPAs

Highly-Qualified Instructors

Extensive professional experience at top accounting firms.


Our clients include leading universities in Canada.

Canada's largest source for free technical notes for CPA students.

Meet Our Team

Haroon Khan, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois)


Thanusan Raveendran, CPA, CA


Martin Lee, CPA, CA, CPA (NH)


Mohammed Al-khooly, CPA, CA


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