Obtaining ITIN for Aliens

Obtaining Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) for Aliens

If you are a resident or non-resident alien, you need a Social Security Number (SSN) or ITIN to file the tax return. If you are not eligible to apply for SSN, you can obtain ITIN. It takes about 7 weeks to get an ITIN. You can file the ITIN application with your tax return. 

If you already have an ITIN, enter it wherever your SSN is requested on your tax return.

Some ITINs must be renewed. ITINs that haven’t been included on a U.S. federal tax return at least once in the last 3 consecutive tax years will expire.

If you’re filing an application for an extension of time to file usingForm 4868, or making an estimated tax payment using Form 1040-ES or Form 1040-ES (NR), don’t file Form W-7 with those forms. Enter “ITIN TO BE REQUESTED” wherever your SSN or ITIN is requested. An ITIN will be issued only after you file a tax return and meet all other requirements.

How to obtain or renew ITIN

You need to apply for ITIN by completing an IRS prescribed form W-7. 



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